Our Service

Pranyaas is accountable to whom we owe what is called “duty of care”.

Everyone in life has different needs. Pranyaas team has been carefully crafted to enable us to arrange services around elderly people and their families.We support you to maintain your chosen lifestyle. Which helps you to keep in control and provide you with the elder care in Pranyaas that you want, where and when you want it?Our care manager will support you to remain independent by looking after your care needs, such as assistance in online payments, doctor’s appointment, banking activities, social events and providing daily help with shopping and Home repair & installation, Meal Services etc.

Our team of experts looking after you with whom you’re most comfortable. Accordingly we will arrange fully-trained, qualified and hand-picked care manager, who will provide the expert care and support your parents needs to remain safely at home.

The benefits of having a care manager are priceless, not just for the person in need of care but the entire family. Pranyaaswill provide you with a dignified service whether you require assistance with daily activities, personal health, or support with managing specialist conditions.We ensure the highest standards of service because you deserve the peace of mind.

Our specially designed support package concentrates not only on basic health needs of the person but has a large focus on the need for social well-being, stimulation and happiness.